TRUFFLE IN TUSCANY - Your truffle hunting and tasting experience

The research in the woods: a true authentic "truffle beating", accompanied by expert truffle hunters with their dogs. It lasts for about five hours since the moment of the meeting. This is a very unique experience, which takes place in the beautiful hills surrounding San Miniato. It requires equipment suitable for wood: long trousers and high shoes or boots. The paths are simple but not flat because of the hilly land. The departure could be scheduled for the early morning (until lunch time) or for the early afternoon (until the sunset).

Both experiences include a very detailed explanation about the white truffle of San Miniato in Italian or in English (with the support of an interpreter): his nature, history and also few legends that have been always fascinating for those who wants to get to know this mysterious Mother Nature's treasure.Together with the search you can choose to combine fine white truffle-based tastings, lunches or dinner (together with other local products and wines) in typical farms or restaurants, which reflect the amazing Tuscan traditions and culture. During your lunch or dinner our Chefs will be more than happy to explain to you the dishes and disclose a few little secrets about how to use the white truffle to prepare tasteful dishes.


Chef's Secrets: Truffle recipes with the white truffle of San Miniato (tuber magnatum pico or Alba truffle)

"Truffle" Cooking Lessons Your chance to learn how to recognize and cook GENUINE TRUFFLES! Truffle hunters and Master Chefs have joined together to delight you with wonderful cooking lessons over a few enjoyable hours that will provide you with all the necessary tools to be able to recognize and cook the undisputed "King" of the table. Loved and desired by all connoisseurs from across the globe, the White Truffle is too often replaced by his lower quality peers, or even worse by artificial products. An expert will reveal to you all of the secrets for visual recognition of the genuine thing, including the smell and taste of REAL TRUFFLE. All of the while our Chefs, who master in the preparation of truffles, will show you how to combine it with various dishes in order to enhance its quality.

Cooking in Tuscany. Cooking Class, private lessons with a Tuscan Family. Learn to make recipes with fresh truffles and others tuscan products.

1. White Truffle-based Eggs

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Ingredients for 4 person: Two fresh eggs, Olive Oil (preferably extra virgin Tuscan), Salt, White Truffle of San Miniato

Put a little olive oil in a small earthenware pan (make sure it's fire-resistant) and heat it up slowly, then break the two eggs and pour them into the pan. Add a pinch of salt and let it cook slowly. Once it is almost cooked, slice the white truffle of San Miniato over the eggs. Cover the pan and serve. The Chef suggests not to use a fork (it can ruins the taste of the egg), but only excellent bread, baked in wood oven. Enjoy!

2. Tagliolini with San Miniato White Truffle

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Ingredients for 4 person: Tagliolini, Butter, San Miniato White Truffle

Boil pasta in salt water, in the meantime melt the butter in water bath with pinch of pepper and salt. Remove from bagnomaria and add truffle.Just cooked pasta, drain and preserve a glass of water.add tagliolini to the butter and some of the water, joing at your pleasure Parmigiano Reggiano. Place on the plate, add with taglierina other San Miniato withe truffle and enjoy yourself!

3. Stracciatella with San Miniato White Truffle

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Ingredients for 4 person: 50 gr of grated Pamigiano Reggiano, 4 eggs, 1 and ½ lt of meat stock or vegetable stock, Salt and pepper, San Miniato White Truffle

Bring to boil the soup. in the meantime mix the eggs with Pamigiano adding salt and pepper.As soon as the soup boil, join the eggs and with the help of a whisk mix theme avoid to make lump for about 2 minutes.Remove from the flame , place on the plate and add San Miniato white truffle.What is left to do? Relish it!

4. Carpaccio with White Truffle from hills of San Miniato

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Ingredients for 4 person: 250gr of beef tenderloin, 80 gr of parmigiano reggiano, 60gr of truffle of San Miniato, Juice of 1 lemon, 4 spoon of olive oil, Salt, Pepper

Cut the beef tenderloin into strips and settle it with olive oil, salt, pepper and the lemon juice into the refrigerator for about 2 hours.After that place on the plate the beef with valeriana salad, parmigiano flakes, pine nut, and naturally huge San Miniato Truffle flakes.

5. Risotto with White Truffle of San Miniato's hills

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Ingredients for 4 person: 320 g of rice, 60 g of Parmesan, 60 g of white truffle, Butter, Meat broth, salt, pepper

Melt and foam the butter in a large saucepan, keeping aside a small quantity. Add the rice and toast it for few seconds, stirring.Then wet with the hot broth, pouring a ladleful at a time. Finish cooking the risotto making sure that it remains soft and firm. Add salt and pepper.Turn off the heat, let it simmer covered with the butter kept aside and the grated Parmesan sprinkled into the risotto.Serve it on heated plates with shaved white truffle of the San Miniato's hills on to

6. Veal Scallopini with White Truffle of San Miniato's hills

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Ingredients for 4 person: 600 g of meat (veal) in slices, Flour, Butter, Salt, Pepper, Meat Broth, White wine, Cream

Melt the butter in a saucepan. Flour the slices of meat and cook them with salt and pepper. When half cooked, sprinkle with white wine and let evaporate, then add the cream and a cup of broth. Let it cook slowly for few minutes.Once ready, slice on top of them the white truffle of San Miniato's hills. Serve it hot!

Ravioli (pasta) with truffle

Truffle chocolate

Chickpea cream with truffle