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The research in the woods: a true authentic "truffle beating", accompanied by expert truffle hunters with their dogs. It lasts for about five hours since the moment of the meeting. This is a very unique experience, which takes place in the beautiful hills surrounding San Miniato. It requires equipment suitable for wood: long trousers and high shoes or boots. The paths are simple but not flat because of the hilly land. The departure could be scheduled for the early morning (until lunch time) or for the early afternoon (until the sunset).

Both experiences include a very detailed explanation about the white truffle of San Miniato in Italian or in English (with the support of an interpreter): his nature, history and also few legends that have been always fascinating for those who wants to get to know this mysterious Mother Nature's treasure.Together with the search you can choose to combine fine white truffle-based tastings, lunches or dinner (together with other local products and wines) in typical farms or restaurants, which reflect the amazing Tuscan traditions and culture. During your lunch or dinner our Chefs will be more than happy to explain to you the dishes and disclose a few little secrets about how to use the white truffle to prepare tasteful dishes.

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A real truffle hunting experience in Tuscany

Truffle in Tuscany: a truffle hunters family in Tuscany

My name is Massimo and I’m a truffle hunter; I was born in 1974 in San Miniato, a little medieval town located in the heart of Tuscany and deservedly listed as one of undisputed Capitals of the White Truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico).”I consider myself one of the few privileged people to have grown up “in the middle of truffles”: my grandfather Lino was one of the firsts truffle hunters in Tuscany with “capital T” and my dad Salvatore, was the President of the Truffle Hunter Association for 18 years!

They are the people that gave me an intense passion for this incredible “Diamond of Nature”, respect for the natural habitat and truffle hunting tradition, a love for the truffle dog (the real superheroes during the hunting) and, of course, a big passion for its valuable use in the kitchen with traditional recipes.

As a result, today, with the help of my family, I am proud to tell you about the real and high quality truffle from our area of Tuscany (so different from the “truffle aroma”, chemicals or “fake truffles”), its tradition, its history, the legends that recall its myth and its uses in the kitchen… this is my heritage and way to preserve the truffle tradition that is lost in today’s commercialized “Truffle Business” and, more importantly, it is a method of preserving a very unique habitat in the world where truffles grow in their wild habitat, not farmed as in France and other areas!

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Each one of my Truffle Experience is private and suitable for the whole family, and can be customized upon your request: it’s very important to me that I pass onto you insider “truffle knowledge” that I answer all of your questions and satisfy your “truffle curiosity”! When you depart from your truffle experience, you will be an “Ambassador of the Real Truffle” because you will be able to spread the truffle tradition and protect a special habitat where the “Food of the Gods” grows! I look forward to welcoming you!

Authorized truffle hunter since 1991

Truffle Hunting Tours: My Truffle Hunting Experiences

I started a lot of years ago, with my friends: we were sitting at the table in front of a delicious “homemade” tagliolini with fresh truffle and I noticed their surprise, their eyes shining during a “truffle story”… they looked like children listening to the imaginary adventures of their favourite super heroes! Today, for my guests, I thought 8 different examples of “truffle experience”: each one is private, suitable for the whole family and customized upon your request and availability:

Important Notes

All services we offer, from the hunting to tasting, are aimed to introduce the Real and High-Quality Truffle so we can guarantee that all you will see and taste is exclusively the real one and not fake truffles or an artificial product;

In Tuscany we can find truffle all the year round: each season have its type of truffle so a different flavour, smell so a lot of different recipes;

Transportation is not included (all roads are suitable for your car, don’t worry!);

It’s very important to tell us in advance allergies/intolerance or special requests;

Truffles found during the hunting are not included in the price (nobody is obliged to buy them);

We suggest sporty and comfortable clothing (in case of rain, don’t’ worry, we have boots for you);

Children/Kids are welcome, they are our future so we are very proud to tell about our tradition and how is important preserve the natural habitat! Contact us in order to know if we can reserve a special price for your Child/Kid.

From July 15th, I'm full vaccinated and "Green Pass" owner, so I’m able to show you my Green Pass.
Truffle Hunting is an experience “virus free” because in the forest we can maintain distances and, when we come back, we have a special room for tasting/lunch or cooking class reserved for you or your family/group. During the time that we will remain in the same room, as required by law and common sense in this period, we will use disposable gloves and a mask. Our premises are sanitized before and after each group of guests.

San Miniato and the tradition of the Truffle in Tuscany

Borgo di San Miniato Pisa

In the following pages we want to tell you about the White Truffle of San Miniato: the magic of its research, its history, the legends which recall its myth and its uses in the kitchen. Knowing this precious Mother Nature's treasure with its peculiar flavour is a wonderful chance to discover the traditions of our land. These traditions are linked to nature and work in fields that nowadays represent a cultural heritage unique in the world.

We are in the heart of Tuscany and here you can find "King Truffle"! Its quality is recognized as number one in the world. Only through searching and finding it under the guidance of an expert truffle hunter and his dog can you experience the emotions of a fairy tale.You will learn how to recognize and distinguish it from other truffles of inferior quality and artificial products. You will see with your own eyes how to cook King Truffle and you will try it combined with the dishes and wines of our land… and finally, you will surely fall in love with King Truffle!

Discover the magical adventure of Truffle Hunting in Tuscany! I look forward to welcoming you...

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